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Is my soldier at the origin?

NO! Your soldier is NOT at the origin. Most people apparently think that when first playing the game and that is not true. The function is translated in the y axis so that it will go through your soldier at that x coordinate. Note that also does not mean that your soldier y coordinate is zero, that only means that a constant is added to your function. Look at the tutorial for an explanation in greater detail.

My function is not at all like what I imagined it would be, it is a line going straight up or down!

Look carefully at what value your function would have at the position your soldier is currently at. The limits on the x axis are -25 and 25 and your function could have a big y value at that position. When a constant is added to make it go through that point the result could be a very steep region of your function, try dividing it by some factor like 10 or 50.

My function explodes for no reason right at the beginning of at some random point. Why?

Your function may explode because of two reasons, because the value at that position is undefined or because it is too long. If you try to use the function y = log(x) for example, it will explode immediately. That is because your soldier is at a negative x and log(x) is undefined for negative x values. That may also happen with square roots and a bunch of other functions, it may also happen in a division if the denominator approaches zero. The other reason your function can explode is if it is too long. If you use a high frequency sine function for example: y = sin(100*x), the graph is going to be very long and if you reach a maximum limit it is going to explode.

I change my angle but nothing happens. Why?

The angle is only used in the second order differential equation mode, changing it on other modes have no effect in the function.

People can't join the games I create, what is going on?

That means you are probably accessing the Internet through a router. Your router is blocking incoming connections to your computer, you need to allow connections on a specific port and how to do that is specific to your brand or model. Search how to open ports on that router and you will probably find how to do it.

Any other questions?

Send them to and I will answer you and possibly add them to this FAQ.